What is Window Tint?

Most cars and trucks come from the factory with treated glass to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from entering. However, these coatings offer a marginal level of protection due to them not having a metal, carbon, or ceramic particle technology. Aftermarket window tinting is a method of applying thin films to the interior of windows. Our tint films are designed to not only darken windows but block Infrared Radiation (IR), Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) and reduce glare from the sun or headlights. 

Tint films now come in many shades. These shades are measured by the visible light transmission (VLT) they allow through the window. A dark-shaded tint film will give a low  VLT%.

What are Tinting and Legal Limits?

Our local state laws regulate the level of darkness permitted on vehicle windows. Window tint laws are created as a safety measure for fair visibility while driving and law enforcement when approaching a vehicle.

In deciding which shade of tint is right for you, it is a good idea to check your state’s local tinting laws. The legal light transmission levels will be posted online for each state. If these seem a bit confusing, rest easy we will help you chose the tint film for your needs.

What Tint is Legal in Texas?

Windshields Eyebrows

  • Eyebrows must be no lower than the AS-1 line or 5in whichever comes first
  • Eyebrows must allow 25% (VLT) and no more than 25% reflective

Full Windshields 

  • Windshields are not to have any tinting on them below the AS-1 line.
  • Windshields are permitted to have a clear (IR & UV blocker) installed below the AS-1 line.

Front Driver & Passenger Windows

  • Front driver and passenger windows must be 25% (VLT) or more.

Rear Driver & Passenger Windows

  • Rear Driver & Passenger windows do not have a limit when the vehicle is equipped with side mirrors.
  • Rear driver and passenger windows on a car or truck without side mirrors equipped must be 25% (VLT)

Rear or Back Window

  • Rear windows are not limited with a percentage of (VLT)

Important Note:

All glass will have a small percentage of (VLT). For example, an untinted factory window may register with a 98% (VLT). You may actually be below the minimum requirement for your window with 25% film. In Texas, a car or truck must have the window (VLT) inspected to pass registration. That means no registration for your car or truck until you have the right (VLT) on your windows but have no fear Home Town Tint is here. We will make sure you are legal and stylish.